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Legend: Frank Sinatra and the American Dream

      Mass Market Paperback - 222 pages
Author: Ethlie Ann Vare
Edition: 1st
Release Date: November 1995
ISBN-13: 9781572970274
ISBN-10: 1572970278
Item: $3.59
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Total: $3.59
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Product Description:
Frank Sinatra occupies a unique place in the pantheon of American popular culture. On stage, on screen, and, of course, behind the microphone, Sinatra always makes his presence felt. His life, both public and private, has been a stunning series of contradictions - he's tough and tender, a lover and a fighter, a star and a loner. Sinatra is our most glorified champion and our scrappiest underdog - both the Comeback Kid and the Chairman of the Board. But he is always The Voice. The voice of a skinny kid from Hoboken with an all-American dream. The voice that has touched millions and held them captive in its trance. The voice of a legend.
Legend: Frank Sinatra and the American Dream offers a unique you-are-there perspective on the most talked about celebrity of our time. It is a compilation of more than fifty years of journalism, tracing his life and career from the early 1940s until the present. Written by professionals and peers, fans and critics, friends and adversaries, it is the definitive story of the man we know and love as "Ol' Blue Eyes."
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