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Brain & Behavior: An Introduction to Biological Psychology

      Paperback - 616 pages
Author: Bob L. Garrett
Edition: 2nd
Release Date: March 2008
ISBN-13: 9781412961004
ISBN-10: 1412961009
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Product Description:

Course Cartridges
Course cartridges offer you provide you with flexible, editable content in formats that import easily into most major learning management systems. This course cartridge includes all the assets found on this Instructor Teaching Site and relevant links from the Student Study Site in and easy to upload package.

Thoroughly updated from the previous edition, Brain & Behavior: An Introduction to Biological Psychology, Second Edition is the only text that focuses on the “big picture” to provide a highly accessible introduction to the biology of behavior, from emotions to perception to consciousness.

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"Very nice illustrations, I like that it is a paperback book. Information is presented at a good level for college students."
—Lisa Kreber, Ph.D, Centre for Neuro Skills (CNS)

Author Bob Garrett engages students right from the start by providing student-friendly content and useful pedagogy. The integration of sensory material into behavioral contexts enhances student interest in topics they often regard as boring. The text includes two chapters not found in other biopsychology texts, on the biological bases of intelligence and consciousness. These discussions build on material from earlier chapters to make a final and convincing case for the power of biological psychology to explain human behavior.

New to the Second Edition

Popular features retained from the earlier edition:

The robust ancillaries include:

Intended Audience

This book is an ideal textbook for lower-level undergraduate courses in Biological Psychology, Biopsychology, Psychobiology, Physiological Psychology, Introduction to Neuroscience, and Biological Foundations of Behavior.

Praise for the Second Edition of Brain & Behavior:

"Great book- excellent instructional design and graphics with practical applications."
—Robin Steed, MA, LOTR, Louisiana State University Health Science Center

“My students liked the organization of Garrett. They thought it was easy to read and an appropriate resource for this course.”
—Charles Long, University of Memphis

“I have been searching for a book that would thoroughly treat all of the concepts in brain and behavior while also being easy enough for the student to read without becoming overwhelmed. I think that the Garrett text might be an answer to my problem.”
—Natalie Ceballos, Texas State University

“The key issues in teaching biopsychology are getting students focused on the material and making it interesting enough for them to be willing to read the text. Garrett does a good job of assisting with this process of making material meaningful and practical to students.”
—Susan A. Todd, Bridgewater State College

“Garrett delivers…using every day applications to provide a context for making dry material much more interesting.”
—Patricia Bach, Illinois Institute of Technology

“The topics covered and the additions indicate that this is a very comprehensive, very current, and interesting text.”
—Mindy Miserendino, Sacred Heart University

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